Common Foods Redesigned To Be Easier To Eat [Pics]

Papila is a platform that examines different ways to interact with food by treating it as a design material.

Papila is a platform that examines different ways to enjoy the experience of eating. Treating food as a design material, it looks at how it can be designed to communicate ideas and provide new ways of interacting.

Food Reinterpreted By Designers With Form and Function In Mind [Pics]

Collaborations with leading professionals in design and cuisine have resulted in works such as raw vegetable lollipops and cookies shaped with dipping handles. Alberto Arza, Berta Riera, Jungyou Choi, Proyecta and Guillem Ferran have reinterpreted different foods with form and function in mind.

The creations also include a boat-shaped tea label that floats on your tea, a bread roll in the shape of a scourer to mop up your plate, chocolates shaped like jewels, a solid bar of coffee, and a candle made of butter that is lit to make the butter easier to spread. Click through to see pictures of the food designs: