Abstract Maps Look Like Nude Female Forms [Pics]

Abstract Maps Look Like Nude Female Forms [Pics]

Artist aims to portray a woman's body in a completely different light.

Lara Piras
  • 15 july 2013

Brooklyn-based artist Christine Cha’s Body Maps series explores a new way to present one of the most illustrated tropes throughout art history: the female nude.


The images disguise nude female torsos as maps with visible borders and become almost unrecognisable yet still depict the powerful form in subtle ways.


Cha explains, ‘I want to make work that is very feminine but in a way that does not put the topic of women on display as heroic or victimized, weak, or strong — just beautiful imagery and a new platform for discussion.’


Cha’s work is currently being exhibited at the Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn.

Christine Cha

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