Finger Tongs Allow For Mess-Free Eating

Claws designed to make eating and preparing messy foods a cinch.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on July 3, 2013. @greenidealism

Trongs are reusable finger-food utensils that are great for eating messy food without the mess – they’re especially well suited to the task of taking on a dripping pile of Buffalo wings or BBQ ribs.

While it may be claimed that it’s impossible to eat a rack of BBQ ribs without getting messy, Trongs could be the one to put that piece of common knowledge to rest. Not only that, but the eating utensil is described as:

Compatible with good-looking, intelligent people who have friends.

It’s not just eating that Trongs are suited to either, they’re great for handling messy preparation tasks such as breading a chicken. That way your hands are clean and free to handle anything else that gets thrown in you way, such as a ringing telephone or someone at the door.


Just a few of the possible foods you can eat include sushi, shrimp coctail, h’orderves and potato chips.

Another ingenious use for the little gadget is to make it easier eating while on the job. Maybe not in an office, but certainly in an auto-repair shop or other places where the work can get messy. Putting on a pair of Trongs is a lot less time consuming (and just as hygienic) when it comes to grabbing your lunch.



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