Gourmet Food Vending Machine Sells Champagne

The 24/7 Automat in delicatessen ‘Floris Feinkost’ offers high-end, prepared foods and gift packages.

A gourmet vending machine in Berlin offers high-end, prepared foods and gift packages, which are available 24/7. Sugarhigh reports that delicatessen Floris Feinkost launched the machine, where customers can go any day of the week and use their debit card to purchase a range of items.

Gourmet Food Vending Machine in Berlin Sells Champagne

The unit has ten levels of small packaged gifts and foodstuff, which customers can browse and buy around the clock, with prices ranging from €2-€20. There are over sixty products inside, such as pint-sized bottles of champagne, Dutch stroopwafles, pralines, chocolates, and flavored salts.

The vending machine, which is freshly refilled every day, is a great place to grab some gourmet food or a unique gift package when you’re on-the-go.

Floris Feinkost