Hotel Graffiti Leaves Hidden Messages For Curious Guests

Comedian David Bussell hides messages in unlikely places to engage investigative guests.

Kyana Gordon
Kyana Gordon on July 31, 2013. @Tropikyana

Each person has a hotel ritual – whether it be immediately unpacking every item of clothing into the dresser or cracking open a beverage from the mini-bar. For comedian David Bussell, he’d routinely visit hotels around the world and leave funny messages hidden behind wall hangings, toilet lids, under drawers, behind bed posts and anywhere a curious guest might look.


Bussell began this exercise in 2006 and chronicled every instance, he’s now begun posting photographs of his hidden messages on this blog Hotel Graffiti. Many of the graffiti pieces begin with the phrase, “If you’re reading this you’re already too late.” We’re happy to have discovered this project in the nick of time and have selected our favorites which you can see in the gallery below.


Hotel Graffiti

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