Hand-Pumped Inflatable Chairs Mold To Each Sitter [Pics]

The Holding-Breath collection of inflatable chairs uses vacuum compression systems to form the seat to fit the individual.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on July 18, 2013.

The Holding-Breath collection of inflatable chairs use vacuum compression systems that mold the seats to the shape of each user. Aimed at making a unique chair for every person, the set includes a rocking chair, a bar stool, and a sofa.

Hand-Pumped Inflatable Chairs Mold To Each Sitter [Pics]

They were developed by Chinese designers Ray Jiao and Yi Wang and feature a detachable bag filled with foam particles and a valve that lets air in and out. Dezeen reports that to fit the chair to their shape, the user connects a hand pump to the inflated bag and uses it to let out some of the air.

This allows the particles to bind themselves around the back and hips to keep it in place. The seat’s wooden frame is attached to the bag with nylon strings and plastic plugs.

The seating also includes storage pockets behind the backrest for the hand pump and other items. When another person wants to sit on the chair, they can simply pump air back into the valves in order to reshape it. Click through to see images of the Holding-Breath collection:

Holding-Breath Chair

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