IPad-Equipped Fitness Wall Monitors Strength Training

The new type of fitness club features seven-foot walls designed for squats, calf raises and pull-ups.

Fitwall is a new type of fitness club where athletes train using seven-foot walls, which are research-driven and designed for vertical training. They promote the activation of muscles, balance of the body, increased caloric consumption and decompression of the spine.

IPad-Equipped 'Fitwall' Monitors Vertical Training

Athletes wear a Bluetooth monitor that sends data to an iPad located at the top of each wall. This measures performance while inspiring and connecting athletes to each other, so they can compare themselves and track how they are improving over time.

Business Insider reports that a Fitwall studio contains sixteen walls, each with four stationary rungs to support your feet and four hand grips. They are ideal for exercises like squats, calf raises and pull-ups.

They help improve strength, cardio and flexibility in a 40 minute session. The first Fitwall recently opened in La Jolla, California, and there are plans to launch in Manhattan next year.