Daily Illustrations Imagine Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” [Pics]

Daily Illustrations Imagine Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” [Pics]

Ali Graham’s “99 Problems” Tumblr offers an artistic visualization of Jay-Z’s famous track.

Daniela Walker

It’s been almost 10 years since Jay-Z lamented to the world that he had ’99 Problems’ and although the rapper was talking about racial profiling and struggles in the ‘hood, illustrator Ali Graham imagines that he might have some other trials and tribulations to deal with. From making a bad batch with Walter White to bad tailoring and other more everyday – and not so everyday – problems, Graham’s illustrations, posted daily to a dedicated Tumblr site, show that ‘even world famous rappers have problems.’

Check out some of Jay’s problems below, follow the project on Twitter to keep updated on new illustrations and see the rest at 99 Problems.

Ali Graham