National Flag Infographics Highlight Grievous Social Issues Of Their Country [Pics]

Ad campaign that lifts the veil on policies some governments would rather keep secret.

Grande Reportagem is a Portuguese news magazine known for its photo-journalism and investigative reporting. They’ve also ¬†become well-known for a recent ad campaign that uses each country’s flag to show the world what they really stand for.

The campaign called “Meet the World”¬†has been running since 2005, and was created by the ad agency FCB Publicidad to convey the fact that the magazine offers profound journalism about topics of real importance in the world of today.

Each flag from a particular country is used as a poster-board for a social, or political issue specific to that particular country.


The flags appear to have hit home more than once, circling the globe as chain letter emails multiple times before now.

Take a look at the gallery to see what each country is hiding:

Via Adland