Shelfless Bookcase Holds Novels At All Angles

Artem Zigert’s Rain Bookshelf has no shelves and lets users play around with how they store their books.

We can never have too many ways to display books. We’ve seen books displayed on invisible pegs on walls, on vertical shelves that allow you to stack books like a tower, on shelves that branch out like a tree, and more.

Designer Artem Zigert has come up with another way. He has designed a concept bookcase that doesn’t have shelves.

The Rain Bookshelf has no shelves but is designed to hold books at an angle at any location, be it at the top part, middle, or at the bottom. It lets its owners play around with how they display their books. It can also become a great accent piece in any room.

This atypical bookshelf is currently not available commercially, but hopefully will be soon.


Artem Zigert