Intricate Paperclip Sculptures Depict People In Motion [Pics]

One sculptor opts for a more unique medium than simple clay and marble.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on July 17, 2013. @greenidealism

While it’s widely known that paperclips can be turned into a variety of interesting shapes for amusement, it’s something altogether when thousand of them are knitted together to create figurative sculptures.

Italian artist Pietro D’Angelo started out like most sculptors, using marble and clay as his medium of choice. Before long, he decided to challenge himself, eventually transitioned to the unique medium of office stationary which he uses to depict objects, as well as the human form.


The paperclips are used to great effect, creating intricate shapes and at the same time, retaining much of their original shape throughout the sculptures. D’Angelo links them together with varying degrees of tightness, allowing him the flexibility to create such exquisite pieces.

Here’s a collection of his work for you to marvel at:

Pietro D’Angelo

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