E-Commerce Platform Knows What Shoppers Want To Buy Before They Do

Wish knows what users want to buy without them explicitly saying so, and creates personalized feeds of products for them to shop.

The Wish app claims to know what users want to buy and creates personalized feeds of products for them to browse. The service now allows online merchants to upload their own products, which Wish will push into the recommendation streams of those most likely to buy them.

AllThingsD reports that the shopping app asks new users to select a number of items that they like so it can learn their tastes. Then it populates their feed with relevant products that they are likely to save to a wish list or share with friends.

E-Commerce App Assembles Personalized Shopping Catalogs

The company’s merchant self-service tool could help those with products for the Wish audience. It can sell them quickly because it knows what its users like.

Merchants simply upload their product portfolio along with text, images and discounts, and Wish takes it from there. The app, which doesn’t charge a listing fee, takes around 20% of merchant sales.