Foodie Site Connects Home Chefs With Hungry Travelers

EatWith enables people to host meals in their own homes and invite guests they don’t know to dinner.

EatWith is a website that features a global community of people who invite guests into their homes to enjoy delicious homemade cuisine, share stories and have a unique experience. It connects diners with home chefs who want to host meals.

Foodie Site Connects Home Chefs With Hungry Travelers

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that once vetted, the host can list menus and photos of their homes online, and visitors who are approved by the host can reserve places and pay through the site. EatWith then pays hosts after the meal, minus a 15% cut.

EatWith was originally inspired to offer tourists authentic local meals by inviting them to dine in homes around the world. The service, which was founded in Tel Aviv in 2012, offers meals in Europe, South America, and now it is available in New York.