Artists Creates Liquor Bottle Packaging That Doubles As Molotov Cocktail Kit [Pics]

As a creative comment in response to the riots taking place in Turkey today, a popular local spirit is transformed into an explosive device.

As riots frequently grip the streets in Turkey, many people have been looking for more covert ways to operate. Protestors used Google maps to track police movements at one point, and now, an artist has created a molotov cocktail kit that takes the form of an everyday bottle of alcohol.


Raki, a popular anise-flavoured hard alcohol in Turkey has been given a new purpose in life – other than entertainment.  By tearing off the bottle’s label and stuffing it inside the neck, a normal bottle fo Raki suddenly takes on the familiar shape of a molotov cocktail.

Created by Manuel Urbanke and Maximilian Hoch, the piece is called Riot Raki, and serves as a reflection of the situation within Turkey right now.

Manuel Urbanke and Maximilian Hoch