Backpack Enables Cyclists To Deploy Turn Signals With Their Chins

Hands-free signalling system makes it easier to stay safe on the road.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on July 30, 2013. @greenidealism

Known across the internet for his interesting creations, Ben Heck has turned his attention to the world of battery-powered backpacks and providing cyclists with a more intuitive way to signal.

Made using simple layers of material, the battery-powered backpack is equipped with LED lights that blink for 20 seconds in the form of arrows – there is even a cute little robot to help get the message across to drivers.


It’s extremely straight-forward for user to use “left” and “right” turn signals while cycling – all they have to do is move their heads in the corresponding direction, and flip the signal switches with their chins.

So, instead of risking your balance – and safety – next time you’re out cycling, it might be a better idea to invest a little bit of time on this battery powered backpack to make use of “hands-free” signalling.


Ben Heck

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