The Future Of Making: 3D Printing Demo, Print the Future For Free

3D Systems joins PSFK at the Future of Home Living space for an exciting 3D printing demonstration.

PSFK and 3D Systems have teamed up to offer a free demonstration of 3D printing technology this Friday, August 16th, at the Future of Home Living exhibit in NYC. Running between noon and 1pm, this exciting event will offer the public a chance to see 3D printing in action with a Cube printer using Microsoft Surface tablets.

Keith Ozar – 3D Systems’ Director of Consumer Products – will discuss 3D printing’s role as a tool of empowerment that allows users to build their creativity both literally and figuratively. Ozar has made it his mission to generate awareness of the unique and innovative uses of 3D printing technology. Join us at the Future of Home Living exhibit on 15th street and 6th avenue to see all this and more!


Following the demo, stick around for a¬†workshop with Jawbone (the workshop will start at 2pm, more details here) exploring how we will can build a connected ‘Internet of Things’ home of the future. The Connect UP workshop will be an opportunity for designers, hackers and technologists to learn and explore firsthand the range of possibilities that can be created around connected home living. Artists and Jawbone experts will be on-hand to help contestants build concepts that depict how various home devices will communicate together to make home living more comfortable and efficient.

The free 3D printing demo will be held Friday, August 16th, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EDT) at the Future of Home Living space in Chelsea (101 West 15th street, New York, NY 10011). Sign up free below: