Agency Monitors Intern Brainwaves To Determine Their Passion For The Job [Video]

TBWA Instanbul makes it difficult to get through an interview by faking your enthusiasm.

If the interview process wasn’t already nerve-wracking enough, TBWA\Istanbul have started strapping brain monitoring headgear to their potential hires as a way to find out how passionate they are.

Once they were hooked up, the potential interns were shown a series of legendary ads – all the while, their reactions, looking specifically at excitement and infatuation, were being measured.

The company branded this particular measurement “AdLove,” and from 503 applicants, the five with the most AdLove were given TBWA internships.


While it’s certainly attracted a lot of attention for the company, there’s no knowing how accurate the readings are, and like any other system there rises the question of how easily it can be gamed.

Check out the video below that goes inside the interview process.