Online Community Helps The Air Force Solve Real-World Challenges

The Air Force Collaboratory is an online platform that lets people create a profile and help out with technological problems.

A new online platform has been launched to enable students, educators and innovators to solve some of the Air Force’s challenges. The Air Force Collaboratory was built from the ground up so users can work alongside real Airmen on real Air Force projects.

Online Community Helps The Air Force Solve Real-World Challenges

Users can create their profile via Facebook Connect or email and their customized profile page will display their active collaborations, project updates and achievements. They can then choose a project, solve topics and earn achievements.

The first project is ‘Search and Rescue 2.0′, which invites users to develop new technologies through rapid prototyping to help save natural disaster victims trapped in collapsed structures. The aim of the collaboration is to raise interest in the Air Force and encourage users to seek out more information about its opportunities. The initiative runs through to November but new challenges could be created after that. Check out the video below to learn more:

Air Force Collaboratory