Will Avocado Beer Be The Next Big Food Trend?

Angel City Brewery in L.A. is introducing a beer tomorrow that includes everything you'd find in guacamole.

Kyana Gordon
Kyana Gordon on August 23, 2013. @Tropikyana

Just when you thought you’ve heard of it all – with the introduction of cronuts, and the ramen burger, now there’s an ‘Avocado Ale’. Sure, noshing on guac and chips with a choice brew is always a win in the summer, but stirring it all up into a hoppy ale is a novel idea. However, that’s exactly what Dieter Foerstner, a brewmaster who loves to experiment, did.

Tomorrow at Angel City Brewery, as part of their inaugural Avocado Festival, beer drinkers in Los Angeles will be the first to taste the ‘Avocado Ale’. Foerstner created this unique blend using not only California avocados but also cilantro and other ingredients you’d typically find in guacamole. This isn’t Angel City Brewery’s first foray into unusual flavors, they’ve also had on tap the au jus-inspired, ‘French Sip’ and the ‘Pickle Weisse,’ a dill infused beer.

Don’t get your hopes up, looks like ‘Avocado Ale’ will just be a local favorite for now. But who knows, if it catches on like wildfire, it could be the next big craze people will be waiting in snaking lines for.

Angel City Brewery

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