Fashion Week Invitation Arrives In The Shape Of A Prescription Pill Bottle

Betsey Johnson’s fashion week invitation came in medicine bottles filled with breath mints.

After several decades of being in the fashion industry, designer Betsey Johnson hasn’t lost her touch for quirkiness, evidenced by her New York fashion week invitations that came in the form of orange pill bottles filled with breath mints.

The medicine bottle invitations included a label instructing the invitees to take one a day. In an article on WWD, the fashion designer declared that the invitations were ‘your one-a-day for Betsey’ and said she thinks ‘getting a bottle of pills is just funny.’


The unique invitations reflect her view of her Spring/Summer 14 collection, which she describes as a ‘prescription for dressing.’

The designer, who is known for cartwheeling at her runway shows, revealed that her upcoming show will show a different side. She described it as ‘more of a real fashion show than ever’ and was concerned of it being too serious and simple, but she also revealed that the collection is ‘the most true blue Betsey collection ever.’


Betsey Johnson

Images by Shannon Sinclair via Betsey Johnson and Jessica Minkoff via Marie Claire