Old Bicycle Transformed Into Water Fountain

A clever street artist converts a rusty old bike into a functioning water source.

Kyana Gordon
Kyana Gordon on August 20, 2013. @Tropikyana

Berlin based street artist, Brad Downey is known for creating unique installations in public spaces using found objects in unconventional ways. In his most recent installation, ‘Fountain,’ Downey re-imagined a new purpose for an abandoned, old bicycle. He mounted the bicycle atop a rack, transforming the frame into a functioning water fountain.


He channeled water through a hose from a nearby canal, then into bicycle frame and out of the handlebars – spraying the water back into the canal. The piece looks at throwaway culture by giving a function to what might otherwise be viewed as useless trash. The installation is part of a public art project in Klagenfurt, Austria and was on view until August 12 has reopened in Basel, Switzerland for Skultur II.

Brad Downey