Biodegradable Utensils Look And Feel Like Fruits And Vegetables [Pics]

Product designer Qiyun Deng’s disposable tableware series is made of bioplastic PLA.

Chinese product designer Qiyun Deng has created a series of disposable tableware made of bioplastic PLA. ‘Graft’ references the look and feel of different fruit and vegetables.

Biodegradable Utensils Look And Feel Like Fruit And Veg [Pics]

Deng recreated their skins with resin, blending the texture and appearance of the foods into the 3D printed parts of the utensils. Deng writes:

Texture and form in nature autonomously exist with a function that we can borrow to serve the purpose of artificial objects. A celery stem for example, acts as handle for the fork; a petal of artichoke then becomes the bowl of spoon. By waking both visual and haptic sensation it brings along a question: Will you throw them away easily?

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Qiyun Deng