App Turns iPhones Into Light Show Coasters

App Turns iPhones Into Light Show Coasters

App turns your iPhone into a coaster that creates visual activity in your drink using the sounds of the surrounding environment.

Keerthana Jagadeesh

iPhone as a coaster? At this point, why not. Blinkdrink is an audio-visualizer app that transforms your drink into a light show. The app, available on the App Store for $0.99, asks the user to place their drink of choice on the iPhone and pick the color of the visual.


The app then listens to the surrounding music- it could be rock music at your local bar or simply the sound of loud conversations in a crowded restaurant- and creates visual activity in the refraction of the glass and the liquid inside it.


Now, you don’t need to just fiddle with your phone while you’re awkwadly standing ¬†around in a bar. You can turn it into you own personal disco ball.

Check out the video for the quirky app here:


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