Artists Turn City Streets Into A Cozy Living Room [Pics]

Smart and BoConcept's 'My Urban Living Room' project commissions artists to transform public spaces.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on August 6, 2013.

Smart and BoConcept are asking artists to transform the streets of four European cities into cozy spaces. The first ‘My Urban Living Room’ installation, located in Munich, was designed by Steffen Kehrle and Benjamin Röder.

Artists Turn City Streets Into A Cozy Living Room [Pics]

Designboom reports that the space is filled with BoConcept furniture and mirrors that reflected the city surroundings back into the open-air room. There was also a BoConcept smartcar that acted as a centerpiece, with a tall palm tree wrapped in silver tubing.

The outdoor living room is a place to meet and communicate, expanding the function public space. Click through to see photos of smart and BoConcept’s installation: