Color-Coded Photo Series Charts Candy Through The Years [Pics]

Color-Coded Photo Series Charts Candy Through The Years [Pics]

These obsessively organized photographs take us back to our childhood days when sweets were prized possessions.

Kyana Gordon

If you’re into organization, have a sweet tooth, or both this collection of photographs by Emily Blincoe will appeal to you. The aptly named  ‘Sugar Series’ is part of the ongoing ‘Colors Organized Neatly‘ project which neatly arranges every bit of candy by color.


Though obsessively placed, these images conjure up nostalgia for the penny candy era, and looking a bit closer the viewer realizes that she’s included sugary morsels from many different decades. You’ll come across, lemon drops, Nik-L-Nips (wax bottles filled with flavored syrup), candy buttons on paper tape, Fireballs, and every thing from your wildest childhood fantasy.

Click through the gallery below to go on your own Willy Wonka-style adventure.


Emily Blincoe

PSFK Writer Kyana Gordon