DIY Digital Camera Requires Kids To Build It Before Taking Photos

The Bigshot camera teaches children how the tech works by making them assemble it using a number of components.

The Bigshot camera is a tool that teaches children how technology works by making them assemble it. Constructing the kit exposes kids to a wide range of science concepts.

The camera features a hand crank to enable the user to take photos when its battery runs out. Three different lenses let them choose between regular, panoramic and 3D shots.

DIY Digital Camera Requires Kids To Build It Before Taking Photos

An online guide explains what the different components are and how they should fit together. The descriptions, illustrations and demonstrations on the site help children learn fundamental concepts in optics, mechanics, electromagnetism, electronics and image processing.

Once assembled, they can use Bigshot to compose and capture shots, while experimenting with framing, lighting and motion. They can then share their favorite photos with others in different communities or countries.

A Bigshot camera kit can be bought online for $89 and a part of its creators’ proceeds from sales will be used to send Bigshots to children in under-served communities around the world. You can check out the DIY camera in the video below: