Google Maps Network Updates Traditional ‘Lost Pet’ Sign

Dog Finder helps pet owners find their lost pets by dropping pins on Google Maps and uploading digital ‘Lost’ flyers.

Dog Finder┬áis a website that lets people who have lost their pets put up digital ‘Lost’ flyers and mark their pets’ last location on Google Maps.

Pet owners can add a lost pet on the map by dropping pins on their pets’ last known location. They can also upload a photo and include details such as breed, color, and how to contact them if somebody finds their pet. After adding a pet to the dog finder map, the owners can also generate a PDF copy of their digital ‘Lost’ poster and print them out.

According to the site, Dog Finder is more than just a lost pet site. It aims to create a collaborative community of pet lovers.

A mobile app version of Dog Finder is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Dog Finder