Domino’s Invests In Start-Up Companies With Free Pizza

The company launched its Powered by Pizza campaign in support of new and innovative ideas.

Domino’s Pizza recently launched its Powered by Pizza campaign, a campaign that aims to support startups and new ideas.

The campaign was created with agency CP + B. Domino’s also partnered with crowdfunding site Indiegogo to give out Powered by Pizza Perks to contributors who support select projects that are new and innovative.  Domino’s gift cards of a certain amount will be given to contributors if their projects get funded.

Dominos-Pizzavestment-3 Dominos-Pizzavestment-2

Domino’s will also be supporting 30 startups in their Pizzavestors program. The company will be giving out $500 gift cards to these startups. The $500 Domino’s gift card will be delivered to the startups in a special case, complete with a letter and a certificate signed by Patrick Doyle, the CEO of Domino’s.



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