Coffee Pod Holder Designed To Resemble Classic Donkey Kong Game [Pics]

Created by Hologramer, CapsuleKong is a wall-mounted display for Nespresso capsules.

CapsuleKong is a wall-mounted display for Nespresso coffee pods. The shelf’s design lets the pods roll across and down from top to bottom, and it is illustrated with cut-outs of characters from the classic Donkey Kong game.

CapsuleKong was designed by Hologramer, a venture by two Brisbane designers who create a range of Nespresso coffee capsule and pod holders for the kitchen. Inspired by the Arcade classic Donkey Kong, the design references the original game level and features a flaming barrel of coffee as the capsule exit.

Coffee Pod Holder Designed After Classic Donkey Kong Game [Pics]

Through countless design revisions and prototypes, Hologramer were able to achieve the perfect spacing and angles to enable the coffee pods to elegantly roll down. CapsuleKong is made from anodised aluminum and stocks 50 capsules, with a double-barrel shot slot to keep two favorites for quick access.

The display measures 44cm x 36cm and comes with instructions and fixings for mounting to the wall. It is available to purchase from Hologramer’s site for $170. Click through to see pictures of CapsuleKong: