Prevention App Simulates The Effects Of Drug Addiction On People’s Appearance

‘Your Face on Meth’ is a web-based platform that creates a visual simulation of how the user would look as an addict.

Your Face on Meth‘ is a web-based app that creates a visual simulation of what the user would look like if they were a drug addict. By letting them see what drugs can do to their physical appearance, the app presents a new approach to drug prevention.

Co.Create reports that the app, created by and digital agency Fractl, takes an uploaded or webcam image and adds sunken cheeks, mottled skin, blackened eyes and facial sores.

Prevention App Simulates The Physical Effects Of Drug Addiction

As the costs of drug abuse are very high, this project aims to demonstrate the toll that drugs like Meth can have on a person’s appearance and the seriousness of addiction. The site calls out to:

Use these representative images to remind yourself and your loved one(s) of just how bad things can become, and know that drug abuse is an absolutely serious matter. The physical transformation that prolonged drug abuse can cause is just the tip of the iceberg, merely an immediate and dramatic representation of the life-altering destruction that addiction can create.

Your Face on Meth