Gesture-Controlled Claw Game Lets Players Grab Loot With Hand Motions [Video]

CLEAR shampoo programmed an arcade machine with a Kinect-like sensor.

Festival goers at this year’s Oppikoppi in South Africa were treated to a custom claw machine by shampoo brand Clear.

Clear South Africa teamed up with digital marketing company Cow Africa and interaction designer Wesley Swanepoel of wezside to build a claw machine that uses a sensor to detect movement instead of the typical arcade buttons or joystick.


The claw machine was built with an ASUS Xtion Pro Live, a camera that works like a Kinect by sensing and tracking hand movements and making the claw move accordingly.

To play the machine, people just needed to ‘Like’ the Clear South Africa Facebook page to get playing credits. Using hand gestures, players move the claw to win items like vouchers and shampoo samples.


Watch the clip below to see the claw machine in action.