Stalactite Monument Depicts Artist’s Google Earth Travels [Pics]

Commissioned by Swarovski, designer Hilda Hellstrom’s sculpture is a celebration of craft in the digital age.

Swedish designer Hilda Hellström‘s miniature landscape and short film tell the story of a mythological place. ‘The Monument’ was commissioned by Swarovski and is dedicated to Hellström’s friends in the Tyrollean mountains.

Stalactite Monument Creates a Digital Landscape [Pics]

A keen Google Earth traveller, she created a fantastical record of her imagined story of local life after real and virtual trips to the company’s HQ. She transferred the digital topography of the mountains to a milling machine and carved its landscape from stone.

‘The Monument’ celebrates and commemorates craft in the digital age. Click through to see pictures of the miniature landscape:

Hilda Hellstrom