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Google Glass Drone Moves Based On Wearer’s Head Movements [Video]

Google Glass Drone Moves Based On Wearer’s Head Movements [Video]

A few lines of code give users almost-psychic control over a flying robot.

Ross Brooks

Yet another new innovation for Google Glass means that you are now able to control a Parrot AR Drone using nothing more than a simple set of head movements.

Glass developer Blaine Bublitz first tested the idea by controlling a connected ground-based robot, before moving on to something a little bit more ambitious – controlling an airborne robot.

While the pitch and roll controls may still be a little shaky at this point, there is no denying it’s an impressive step.


For those with a more in-depth understanding of coding, Bublitz offers a detailed run-down of how he put together the remote control mechanism. For everyone else, you can watch the video below that demonstrates the seemingly psychic ability to control a flying drone with little more than a nod of the head.

If you can control a drone with Google Glass, then it is safe to say that hands-free control could extend to other inanimate objects such as cars, boats, or mobility scooters.

Blaine Bublitz

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