Google Maps Reveals Secret Time Machine On London Street

Clicking on a police call box on the map of Earl’s Court Road takes users into a Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

Google Maps placed a cool treat for fans of the show Doctor Who in one of its maps. Fans and users can access Doctor Who’s time machine by going into a police telephone box on the¬†Google Streetview of Earl’s Court Road.

Clicking on the double white arrows in front of the call box transports the users and fans inside the TARDIS. Users are treated to a 360-degree view of the interior and can even zoom in on the controls.

To get out of the time machine, users simply have to zoom in on the exit and step out of the police call box and back into Earl’s Court Road.

Google-Maps-Doctor-Who-easter-egg-2 Google-Maps-Doctor-Who-easter-egg-3


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