Graffiti Artists Turn A Jet Into A Canvas [Video]

Organized by Hangfire, ‘ICARUS_13′ saw famed artists Sat One and ROIDS cover a Boeing 737 with artwork.

Creative collective Hangfire organized the Hanger One project, which uses airplanes as a base for street art. The most recent installment ‘ICARUS_13′ upped the game with famed artists Sat One and Roids covering a Boeing 737 in graffiti.

Graffiti Artists Turn A Boeing Jet Into A Painted Canvas [Video]

Battling sleep deprivation, weather and the enormous size and scale of a Boeing 737, the two artists faced the fundamental task of working out the best way to paint a curved aluminium surface, in the wind and rain! After a few long periods of studying the confusing cylindrical shape it was time to get busy. The two artists worked day and night, fighting the weather for what seemed like a lifetime, up and down on multiple pieces of access equipment, maneuvering around the plane and the uncomfortable awareness of leaking hydraulic fluid, was not part of our 5-A-Day!

Graffiti Artists Turn A Boeing Jet Into A Painted Canvas [Video]

The four-minute video below shows the graffiti artists facing the challenge of painting their unusual and unique canvas: