Hot Dogs Or Legs Tumblr Pokes Fun At Popular Instagram Selfies

A blog that quickly went viral picks up on the resemblance between a certain kind of photo and the processed meat.

Kristen Nozell
Kristen Nozell on August 21, 2013. @kristen_n

Thanks to a new tumblr, aptly named ‘Hot-dog legs’,  the question of the summer has become “hot dogs or legs?” Most users of any social media platform (Facebook and Instagram being the most susceptible) are familiar with the summer selfie showing off the photographer’s tan, skinny legs at a flattering angle, accompanied by some enviable outdoor setting, but the resemblance of said legs to a couple of hot dogs had gone undiscovered by the general populace, until now.

The viral blog has a simple premise: images containing real legs are interspersed with the fakes, and the viewer is simply asked, “are they hot dogs or legs?” The uncanny resemblance makes this a harder question to answer than one would think, and with no answer key, the viewer is left wondering. Mashable reveals the tumblr’s mastermind to be Alexis Brault, of French-Canadian cooking blog Bob le Chef, who noticed the similarity and thought, “Why not make it look as if it was a trend that already existed on the Internet that I picked up?”

Hot-Dog Legs

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