IKEA’s AR Catalog Places Virtual Furniture In Shoppers’ Homes [Video]

An augmented reality app for the 2014 offerings lets people use their device to scan selected pages and see the products in their living space.

IKEA‘s 2014 catalog and accompanying app for iOS and Android enables customers to place virtual furniture in their own home. This feature is unlocked by scanning selected pages in the printed catalog with the app or browsing the pages in the digital catalog on a smartphone or tablet.

IKEA's AR Catalog Transforms Into Pieces Of Furniture [Video]

By placing the printed catalog where they want to put the furniture in their room and choosing a product from the IKEA range, they can see how it will look. The objects appear like actual pieces of furniture, enabling customers to get an idea of what that item will look like in their home before purchasing it.

You can check out the 2014 catalog and it’s augmented reality feature in the video below: