Tiny Magazine That Slides Out Of A Matchbox Is Readable [Pics]

Created by Pascalle Burton, the ‘Zine-in-a-Matchbox’ has just had its twelfth issue printed.

Created by poet and musician Pascalle Burton of The Lavender Room, ‘Zine-in-a-Matchbox’ is a miniature magazine that has published up to issue #12. Like regular magazines, each issue consists of a standard set of content. However, this tiny zine which fits inside a matchbox comes with a single matchstick to burn it once it has been read.

Tiny Legible Magazine Slides Out Of A Matchbox [Pics]

Each issue of the Golden Stapler-nominated series features vintage books Burton has found in secondhand shops, quotes from J.D.Salinger, her pick of talented friends, tools that have featured in her life lately, and more random goodness. Click through to see images of the ‘Zine-in-a-Matchbox’, which are available to purchase on Etsy:

Pascalle Burton