10 Stories You Need To Know Today

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Nike redefines "Just Do It", iPads inside the surgery room and MIT finds new planet.

Laura Chase
  • 22 august 2013

Nike’s new “Possibilities” campaign pushes audience to new limits. Nike

Zuckerberg launches initiative to bring internet to developing countries. Wired

iPads create augmented reality inside the surgery room. Reuters

New iPhone C could boost Apple’s share of the Chinese smartphone market. All thingsD 

National Football League could be broadcasted on Youtube. Mashable

Microsoft to make XBox One a self-publishing program for developers. Venture Beat

65% of consumers trust social media to pick the perfect gift. Mashable

MIT finds planet with 8.5 hour year. Gizmag

Can Google Glass be chic? Fashionista

3D printing fax machine to launch on Kickstarter. Gigaom

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