Optical Illusion Graffiti Only Comes Into Focus At Certain Angles [Pics]

Truly Design creates anamorphic art that can only be seen in its complete form from a specific perspective.

Design studio and graffiti crew Truly Design creates graffiti art that can only be seen in its complete form from a certain perspective.

The anamorphic art work consists of pieces that are spread across different surfaces like walls and floors or objects and only merge together into a single image if the viewer is standing from a certain angle or perspective.

The crew’s work featured above, Medusa, reflects the story behind the mythological creature. According to the description on the studio’s project website, Medusa can only be appreciated from a certain view point.

Remember how Perseus had to look at the Gorgon Medusa’s image reflected in the mirroring shield given to him by Athena to avoid being turned into stone? Well, also our Medusa can be seen only from a certain viewpoint. Have a look for yourself, you’ll be petrified.

Although anamorphosis in art has been around for ages, it became more known with the popularity of street artists who create 3D street art on roads and sidewalks.


Scroll through more images of the studio’s work in the gallery below. You can also view more on their online portfolio.

Truly Design Visual Communication Studio