Art Gallery’s Exhibits Can Only Be Viewed Through A Peephole [Pics]

Art Gallery’s Exhibits Can Only Be Viewed Through A Peephole [Pics]

Located in San Francisco, Savernack Street features site-specific works and provides a voyeuristic lens for the visitor.

Emma Hutchings

Savernack Street is an art gallery in the Mission district of San Francisco, created and curated by Carrie Sinclair Katz. The gallery exhibits site-specific works, which are experienced by patrons by looking in through a peephole in the door.

The peephole, an analog live security camera originally invented to create a wider view for assessing the safety of strangers, here, when activated, renders the gallery itself as insecure.

Art Gallery's Exhibits Are Viewed Through A Peephole [Pics]

Accessible 24 hours a day, it provides a voyeuristic lens to the visitor and embodies a physical representation of the outside looking in. The gallery is also rigidly boundaried as it rejects entrance and forces a limited perspective on the patrons.

Some of the previous exhibits include a miniature room, flickering lights and projected poetry, photographs of raw meat, and the next will be something by a performance artist who specializes in interhuman contact. Click through to see images of Savernack Street:

Savernack Street

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