Twisted Cough Drop Packaging Demonstrates Soothing Powers When Unwrapped[Pics]

Ricola promoted its herbal cough drops with fun illustrated packaging.

Ricola teamed up with agency Jung Von Matt, digital studio The Scope, and illustrator and graphic designer Julien Canavezes to¬†create their “Unwrap Your Voice” advertising campaign for their herbal cough drops.

The Swiss brand came out with creative packaging that featured Canavezes’s illustrations of people looking quite ill and uncomfortable with their necks placed at the twisted end of the cough drops wrappers.

The cough drops came with the tagline “Unwrap Your Voice” and were handed out to people at concerts. A print ad campaign was also released featuring the quirky cough drop wrappers with the same tagline.


View more photos from the campaign in the gallery below.

The Scope