Self-Expiring Packaging Warns People About Outdated Meds

A packaging material for medicines that visually 'self expires' after a fixed period of time could help prevent the consumption of old medication.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on August 7, 2013.

Self Expiring‘ is a packaging material for medicine, designed by Kanupriya and Gautam Goel, that visually ‘self expires’ after a fixed period of time. The visually-changing packaging solution would help prevent illegal sales as well as accidents and fatalities arising from the consumption of expired medicines.

Self-Expiring Packaging Warns People About Outdated Meds

The winner of a Red Dot design award, this packaging graphically displays a ‘not fit for consumption’ message using universally accepted danger signs in regional languages. It is composed of two layers of information, as the foreground contains the medicine label and the background carries a hidden expiration message.

These are separated by multiple sheets of diffusible material through which the ink from the hidden message seeps through as time passes. This timing sequence will be initiated when the medication is packaged.

Self Expiring

Photo by zacharmstrong