Before-And-After Photos Portray Shanghai’s Unstoppable Urban Growth

Photographer Carlos Barria recreated a 1987 photo of Shanghai’s Pudong district to show how much the city has changed over the years.

Reuters staff photographer Carlos Barria recently took a photo of the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai from the same perspective and frame as a photo that was taken in 1987. When merged and animated the photos show just how much the place has changed over the years.

An article in The Atlantic features the pairing of the images in the form of an animation. The animation shows Pudong in 1987 transforming into a mega city with buildings and high-rise towers.

Carlos Barria is currently based in Shanghai, the largest city proper in the world in terms of population. The population in Shanghai is about 23.5 million people, close to twice the population in 1987.


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Carlos Barria

Header image by cnmark