Spongy Lamp Doubles As A Warm Pillow [Pics]

Spongy Lamp Doubles As A Warm Pillow [Pics]

Simon Frambach's Soft Lamp is made of soft polyurethane foam and can be squeezed between small spaces.

Leah Gonzalez

Most of us are taught to be careful with lamps because most of them are breakable things.

While manufacturers have already made lamps that are well-made and sturdy, designer Simon Frambach takes the whole thing to another direction with his Soft Lamp, a foam lamp that is soft enough to squeeze between gaps or even use as a soft pillow.

Soft Lamp is made of flexible polyurethane foam and shaped through rotational milling. The energy-saving light bulb inside is protected by a cage so it doesn’t break when squeezed or when used as a head rest. The foam lamp gives off a soft glow and is only slightly warm to the touch when turned on.

Soft-Light-3 Soft-Light-2

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Simon Frambach

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