Platform Lets Buyers Track The Farmer Whose Cotton Made Their Jeans

Customers can trace jeans from All American Clothing Co.’s new denim collection to their place of origin.

“Every pair of jeans has a story…”

traceability jeans origins

That’s the tagline for the new Traceability program that clothing company All American Clothing Co. has for its new denim collection. Each pair of jeans in the collection has a “Certificate of Authenticity” tag and a trace number that customers can use to track down the American farmers who grew the cotton used in that pair of jeans. Customers can enter the trace number on the company’s website to find out where their jeans came from.


The Traceability program not only ensures customers that each pair of jeans has been grown, milled and produced in the US, but it also gives recognition to the American cotton farmers.


View the video below for more about All American Clothing Co’s Traceability.

All American Clothing Co.