Werner Herzog Debuts Documentary On Texting And Driving [Video]

Renowned director Werner Herzog filmed ‘From One Second To The Next’, which features testimonials from people who have been personally affected.

Filmmaker Werner Herzog’s new documentary ‘From One Second To The Next’, explores the effects of texting and driving through testimonials from people who have been personally affected. The 35-minute film was sponsored by the wireless carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

According to the documentary, over 100,000 accidents a year involve drivers who are texting. By giving a voice to the individuals who caused the accidents and the people whose lives have been changed by them, Herzog shows the devastating aftermath that can be created when a driver turns their attention to sending a text.

Acclaimed Filmmaker Documents The Consequences Of Texting And Driving [Video]

The ‘It Can Wait‘ campaign helps raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving, encouraging individuals to pledge not to do it. The documentary will be available on the campaign’s site, where people can go to get more information about the issue, share their story, take the pledge, and get resources to help make others aware of the dangers.

It will also be distributed to more than 40,000 high schools nationwide, hundreds of safety organizations and government agencies, and the carriers will post it on their YouTube accounts. You can watch ‘From One Second To The Next’ below:

It Can Wait