YouTube Hides Arcade Game In Video Clips

During its Geek Week celebration, the video sharing site offered users the chance to play the 1980s arcade game ‘Missile Command.’

During its ‘Geek Week’ from August 4th-10th, YouTube designed a secret shortcut that offered users the chance to play the 1980s arcade gameĀ Missile Command. While playing any clip, they could access the game by clicking away and typing a special code.

YouTube Hides Secret Arcade Game Within Normal Video Clips

This was one of several Easter eggs the video sharing site added during the weeklong celebration. Compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers, the game could be started by clicking away from the video and typing “1980”.

It slid down the page to make room for the classic game, which started by instructing the user to “Blow those missiles out of the sky!” Players had to use the turrets along the bottom to shoot down the 8-bit missiles without taking too much fire and the video appeared to crack when struck with a direct hit.