3D-Printer Recreates Famous Paintings Down To The Last Brushstroke [Video]

Mechanical reproductions of classical pieces are just as convincing as the real thing.

There are plenty of talented artists around the world who can recreate masterpieces using nothing but a brush, canvas, and a huge amount of talent. There is now a machine that can do exactly the same thing using a 3D duplication technique developed by Dutch researcher, Tim Zaman.

Reproductions are created using an Oce printer that can churn out large-format paintings at 600 pixels per inch. Similiar to the process used by a dye-sub printer, the printing head moves back and forth, adding a new textured layer each time it does until the painting is complete.


The printer is even able to mimic subtle brush strokes that add texture and depth to a painting. A process you can watch for yourself in the video below:

Tim Zaman