3D Painting Jumps Off The Canvas

3D Painting Jumps Off The Canvas

Artwork defies traditional painterly conventions.

Laura Chase

Egg yolk shooting out of a shell, a house that is levitating, a figure leaping out of an exit door, all of these describe the exciting sculptures that are part of the 3D series created by Japanese artist Yuki Matusueda.¬†Shunning convention is the main theme of Matusueda’s work and his objects seem to pop out of their sealed frames in an act of rebellion. Viewers don’t need 3D glasses to perceive the dimension-defying visual effects because the objects are carefully suspended in a sleek transparent acrylic wrapping that acts as a high-gloss invisible barrier. Matusueda’s PhD in Design and art skills have given him the power of creating an hyper realistic optical illusion for the viewer.



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Yuki Matsueda